Why Facebook Reviews are More Important

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Facebook is the most popular social media stage of all time — with more than 2 billion active users, its popularity is outside question. Facebook is a daily part of most of Americans’ routines, and it’s a keystone of 21st century life. Of course, you need positive Facebook reviews (now called Facebook recommendations) to confirm that you’re well signified on such an powerful platform.

While Facebook reviews don’t help you control the search rankings, they have 2 big returns over Google reviews. Firstly, more people have Facebook and more people feel happy making their voices heard on it. Customers are more likely to already be signed into Facebook and happier leaving a review there.

Secondly, Facebook is a social platform made for conversation. Facebook allows you to adverse with greater probability of an actual conversation with someone who write a review. This connectivity can further nurture a positive link or diffuse a bad impression and even prove someone to remove a negative review. While this can happen on a Google review, it is much more likely on Facebook.

In order to be able to start gaining the rewards in the form of Facebook reviews, you need a business page with references activated. If you need help setting up or managing your business on Facebook, contact us.

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