YouTube is a great stage to share your videos with the public. Especially, it permits you to add videos to your website, which you have uploaded and shared with people. YouTube Marketing Services in Pakistan allow you to promote your products or videos. Delivered that you can also upload your ads on YouTube now. By availing of the paid promotion feature on YouTube, you can get more followers and you can growth you’re your brand awareness.

Nowadays marketers are enjoying this new technique and saving the team expenditures by utilizing the minimal budgets in ad campaigns on YouTube.


Xpertoday Services is offering YouTube Marketing Services in Pakistan by using promotion and marketing techniques. In case some basic information is required, different types of ads that are running on YouTube are mentioned.


YouTube himself is a money-making platform through video creating and sharing. And it allows you collect your subscribers on your channel the more you have subscribers on your channel. There are more chances to earn money via YouTube but the main good of this is to get maximum reach for your business and brand attentiveness. If you have lots of subscribers. The sharing of your video by your subscribers and other audiences with spread your idea to maximum people. Maybe you will get likely customers by this medium


According to the new YouTube publicity scheme, Google announced some changes to AdWords. According to the changes the user is allowable to reach more viewers on YouTube. Ads are shown according to the search that is happened on the computer or device before. So that the user can share to the product quickly. Advertise your brand with YouTube video advertisements:

TrueView Ads

These are the standard video marketing ads on YouTube. The promoters only pay for TrueView ads when viewers respond to the ad by clicking on a call-to-action or if the user watches the ad for a minimum of 30 seconds. The length of these is clear as a minimum of 12 seconds to 6 minutes maximum.

Preroll Ads

The second type of ads on YouTube contains of the non-skip able ads. The ad can be placed anyplace during the video and the viewer will watch it while watching the video. Preroll ads are produced with a maximum length of 6 seconds to 12 seconds.


These are the shorted ads that you will see on YouTube there duration is a maximum of 6 seconds and these ads are played in the start of videos.

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