How to Build and Refine Your SEO Strategy in 2022

How to Build and Refine Your SEO Strategy in 2022

Before diving on how to build and refine your SEO strategy in 2022, lets have overview on SEO strategy tips that plays pivotal role in boosting your google ranking and giving value to your business/ website.

SEO strategy:

SEO strategy is basically ground-plan for taking valuable steps for backing up your ranking in search engines on major platforms that is Google, Yahoo and Bing.

It is ultimate process by which you can get your organic traffic rather than using other social media platforms by paying to ads or giving shout-outs.

Beneficial aspects of SEO strategy:

  1. Producing Good Quality Influx

Attracting good quality traffic by doing SEO appropriate to your brand. Inbounding organic material ultimately gives you best Leads.

  1. Building Trustworthy relation

Ranking on top most on google searches is a best reliable factor. It shows your brand position, professionalism and shrewdness of your site. On being top ranking on Google, you cannot opt for google ads, so SEO implementation is valuable strategy.

  1. Anticipating ROI

It has been keenly observed that SEO imparts larger and higher ROI as compared to paid campaigns. 94% weightage of clicks comes from organic rankings, leftover 6% goes to paid ads. So, from this perspective you can conclude how much it is important to have organic ranking by giving input organically for obtaining higher ROI.

  1. Observability 24/7

You must ensure that valid SEO strategy on your website, blog etc will work for every day in every second. Well grounded SEO will market your business forever by having quality content.

  1. Pay Per Click advertising method

Investing in PPC, so your competitors will do so. So, preferring more paid investment, it is better to do organic marketing giving more paid results to your brand.


Apart from discussing beneficial aspects of SEO strategy, other areas of SEO needs to be focused. SEO includes a vast variety of methods and tricks by you can rank your brand or website. Mainly it includes three most important tricks

 Basic areas of SEO strategy

On- Page SEO

On-Page SEO is execution of optimizing your website or blog content by fulfilling its requirement to obtain maximum organic traffic. Important points about On-Page SEO:

  • Keyword usage:

By using right keywords and phrases in your content that targets your brand.

  • Tags:

By using title tags, and headings (H1, H2, etc.) in your content must have keywords and alternations in it.

  • Linking to your content on website to inbound links(on website’s zone) or to outbound linking(to other web pages) that will boost your ranking and bring it in google searching.


It includes activity outside to your website domain enriching your organic ranking process and searchability. This includes its own way of marketing level:

By doing promotions

Promoting your business, brand by adopting some promoting measures on different social media sites to well aware people about your brand and boosting Leads.

Backlinking method

By getting good backlinks for your website by linking it to outside domain, gives your brand a good exposure. This exposure increases your visibility that act as vote of determination in Google’s SEO ranking algorithm.

Hi-Tech SEO

Hi-Tech or technical SEO makes your website framework more demonstrative for SEO. It mostly includes:

  • Sitemaps

Sending/ submission of sitemap to Google tells the search engine about your website on which framework it is constructed and developed.

  • Navigating process

Linking your website page to another page on same website helps users  and search bots to go on from one site to another.

  • SEO Page Speed

If your website loads quickly and functionally well, your rankings will increase exponentially.

These all above-mentioned points are really effective in your SEO results. Still there remains some key points which should also be included to get more traffic and good rankings.

Here are some solid steps in building and refining your website in 2022:

  • Searching your keywords

One of best tool in starting process is by searching and arranging proper source of keywords. Typing and searching relevant keywords on google search bar, number of keywords will be shown down the search bar menu.

This will give clue about which keywords google bringing it on top menu because Google also knows that people will search it.

These keywords may be long-tail keywords and short-tail keywords, which makes ranking more easier.

  • Thorough Analysis

You can do some manual searching and analysis on your keywords. It will completely tell you about how is your keyword ranking according to google search. It is best to write content according to top ranking zones which will include blog post, images/galleries or any other type.

  • Write Up

Now after knowing your keyword, next aim is to what type of content you will write for make it rank!. So, it must be acknowledge first to write good and infotainment content for the audience.

  • Optimization of On-Page SEO

Optimizing your on-page seo by using appropriate keywords. Usage of keywords is tricky yet effective. So use keyword after every 100 words. In writing 1000 words blog post, use your keywords about 10 times. Use keywords in your image and add important keywords in title heading, tags.

  • Backlinks

The most important tool in SEO ranking on your SEO-site is building backlinks. Without backlinks, SEO will remain empty, so in-touch with different websites by interacting with email for gaining good backlinks. Your website will overbid 100% getting backlinks from lower site as well.

Backlinks may be in different forms, most obvious is guest posting.

Basic SEO Tools

SEO tools are required for SEO ranking, consumes less time and gives more valuable results by seeing depth insights. So for every business and marketer, it is required to know these tools:

  • Ahrefs

Ahrefs, the most valuable and popular tool now a days next to Google. By using ahrefs, With ahrefs, you can do keyword and competitor analysis, site audits and backlink analysis.

  • Mailshake

In 2022, backlinks are essential for SEO, so real and true way of getting good backlinks by performing cold email extention. So, mailshake is good outreach tool that helps you to send cold emails.

  • SEMRush

It is similar to ahrefs that provides deeper insight about keyword searches, backlink profile analysis and difficulty to decide harder keywords against relevant  keywords.

None of these tools tracks Bing, ahrefs is specific for Google, and SEMRush is specific for Google or Baidu sites. If you want to have Bing strategy in 2022, then add relevant tools to Bing site.

  • site

Another tool is a searching engine tracker, that helps you in monitoring website organic ranking. This monitoring tool helps in getting in-depth of your website (ROI). You can check your ranking over time by giving proper inputs.

In the end, it is 2022 time, so we have to adopt different and effective strategies for SEO ranking. It is important to building and refining your site in 2022 by working on above-mentioned tools.



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