Link Building- Categories of link building

Categories of link building

Categories of link building

In digital marketing, especially in site digital marketing, link building is commonly used for ranking the website. Also, used to get more traffic, expand site services from a low level to a high level, and focus on potential customers and clients. Most of the site owner’s did not know the importance of links. Sometimes they use bad links and face hurdles, difficulties, and sometimes big losses in the end. The reason is that they use bad and ugly links without checking and identifying its strength and background trusty i.e. this link is good for their website or not? Is this fake or not etc.

In this article, I will  tell you the main role of link building. Also, tell you, why  link building is categorized into two main parts? I ensure you that this article clear your all doubts. And you are to choose a good link builder for your site’s health and strength. A good link always raise your site ranking and traffic, clients, and customers.

2 main categories of link building

Link buildings:

In simple and easy words, link is a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) technique that helps to increase a site’s search engine ranking. The primary role of link building is to determine the relevance of the page in search engines, the reason is that having good links to any site indicates that the content is there is valuable. Some link gives bad results on the site. These bad links didn’t increase site traffic, rank, and give notice in google algorithms due to some reasons. But, in some cases, some link building gives good results on the site. Good links increase the site traffic, ranking and the site is able to earn more money from Google. Links are categorized into two main types on the bases of their result in digital marketing business.

Good Link Buildings:

In simple words, links have useful content. Good link builder increase the health and strength of any site’s. For increasing the site traffic, rank site and give potential clients and customers links are use. Also, use for earning more money.

Example of Good Link Building:

A fashion site links to another fashion site is the best example to understand the concept of good link building.

Bad Link Builder:

Bad links are harmful for the health and strength of any site. These links decrease the site traffic, and do not give more potential clients and customers. In simple words, links have no useful content. Also, it is wasting of time.

Example of Bad Link Building:

A designer site linking to a dog groomer is the best example of a bad link builder.

Link building requires both link quality and link quantity for a healthy site. Because, link quality is depending on the on-site reputation that links with other sites. And link quantity is depending on on-site or post content. So, linking your site to related site. Because, good links get unique and fresh customers and clients. It  gives good SEO, increasing traffic, and an opportunity to earn more money otherwise you are in loss i.e. you waste your time, money and effort.

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