Link buildings vs Backlinks

Difference between link buildings and backlinks

Link buildings vs backlinks

Do you know what is link builders and backlinks or link buildings vs backlinks? Why they are used? What is the main difference between link buildings and backlinks? If not, then this article is special for you because in this article I will define to you the general meaning of link building and backlinks with a general example and tell you the difference between link buildings and backlinks which is also says as link buildings vs backlinks. Because the majority of the people are thinking that their work is the same that’s why they are the same term but in actuality, they are different from each other based on their services provided.

Link Building

Link building is a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) technique. It helps to increase the ranking of any site on Google. The primary role of link building is to reach the unique and fresh traffic on the site. A good link always requires good quality and quantity of links, i.e. link of reputational site and good site content. Linked with good site gives more profit and give the opportunity to earn more money in the future


Backlinks are also another Search Engine Optimization (SEO) technique. It helps both sites (client and owner) to increase their ranking on Google. It allows mutual to share their traffic and ranks their site, i.e. two sites link to each other. Backlinks are commonly used because both side site owners get a profit.

Similarities between link building and backlinks

Similarities between link buildings and backlinks are following:

  • Both are Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques.
  • Both are used for ranking in the Google search engine.
  • Both goals are to increase traffic and approach unique and fresh clients and customers.
  • Both methods need effort and time.
  • Both methods have mainly been categorized into two main parts i.e, good link building, bad link building, and good backlinks, bad backlinks.
  • In both, greater revenue opportunities and sales more links.
  • In both, opportunities to improve the relationship with your related sites.
  • Both are available free and paid in the market.

Link building vs Backlinks

Link building vs backlinks is the main objective of this article.

  • In link building, one site just links with another high site and in back linking, two sites link to each other through a link and share traffic.
  • Link building is the better option for a single page, and a backlink is the better option for multi-pages.
  • In most cases, link building shows bad results because google noticed a single page rank on this site. It considers it a cheat for Google by creating some pages for the sole purpose of link building and expects Google to rank them high. But google authorizes good backlinks because google considers it an authentic way to increase your site’s health and strength.
  • Backlinks are good for the rapid growth of a site, but link building is not good

Based on their similarities and difference, it is very difficult to say which one is a better option. Both are risky methods to rapid increase the rank and traffic.

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