What is marketing management

Marketing management

Marketing management

Marketing management is an organization which is work on the basic principles of marketing. They control the marketing aspects, organizing the plans step by step. Moreover, implement strategies to achieve wider business objectives, taking the decision to the company or brand, increasing brand awareness, and boosting profits. In addition, they are setting the goals of a company and executing them to get the maximum turnover by meeting the consumers’ demands. In short, the basic purpose of marketing management is to achieve the objectives of the business. A business aims at earning reasonable profits by satisfying the needs of customers.


Their main role is too focused on the principles of marketing to control the marketing aspects. Likely, introducing good products to maintain the business reputation. Because products directly define the worth and strength of the business. Furthermore, introduce affordable and less expensive prices for customers to raise the sales rate. Because prices affect the selling rate. Moreover, the price is depending on the quality and quantity of the product.

In addition, they are also focused on a good place, best packaging, positioning, and people. Because they also affect the product and service sales rate. However, product sales rate and worth increase if the product is based on people’s requirement and need. And they are selling in a good place where people can afford their price, otherwise, the business product is too much effect. This concept is understood with an example – if a company opens a new branch in a new city, then its marketing manager controls and manages the branch resources.

Functions and responsibilities of Marketing Management

  • Handle the product need, requirement, and sales rate.
  • Managing the product lists.
  • Maintain the business reputation
  • Save and collect the product record.
  • Introduce new budget
  • Decide on risk-taking.
  • Getting market information.
  • Identify the product’s worth and cost
  • Display good prices, and packages
  • Increase the employment opportunities
  • Launch new product
  • Create new marketing plans
  • Work with top management
  • Study the Economic and Political Environment

Moreover, a person or team who controls handles and manages, or leads the services or products of a business in marketing is called a marketing manager. They identify the market demand and lead a marketing team to develop and implement creative and unique strategies to drive customer interest through multiple media channels. Also, they have a good career for professionals passionate about advertising, user experience, social media trends, market research, and data analytics. Additionally, great career choice for working with a diverse group of business management and marketing professionals daily.

Advantages of Being a Marketing Manager

  • They have high job opportunities with a good salary. Also, a Bright future
  • They work online and offline
  • No specific skills and expertise requirements.
  • Salary increases with time
  • High opportunities to earn more money.
  • Build strong relationships with other companies and people
  • High opportunities to build and polish skills and expertise.
Skills required for marketing manager
  • An ability to understand buyer needs and requirement
  • Know the different processes and techniques of products selling
  • Having critical thinking and problem-solving skills and expertise.
  • Creativity and writing skills. Also, having good teamwork skills.
  • Good communication skills and networking.
  • Expertise in adapting new skills.
  • The ability of organization and planning skills.

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