Social security – Issues and solutions

Social security issues and solution

Social networking is famous all over the world. Billions of people use various forms of social networks and connect with their friends and family, individually or by grouping.  Also, share their personal information such as images, documents, videos, and audio. At that time, security and privacy issues are occurs, especially when the user’s uploaded content is multimedia, such as photos, videos, and audio. All the problems are on the rise with time and become a big challenge to solve the social security issues.

Social security

Social Security” is the term in use for the Old-Age. It is Survivors, and Disability Insurance (OAS DI) program in the United States. And run by the Social Security Administration (SSA) as a federal agency. It means gaining unauthorized access to the large amount of personal data that users share on SNS (Social Networking Service). Furthermore, attackers attack sensitive personal data simply by using an SNS and can carry out many kinds of attacks, such as spam, malware, social bots, and identity theft.

Social security issues

Social security issues not only rise in general people, but they also badly affect the business worth and online marketing reputation. It rises when users use poor passwords, get unauthorized downloads, open third-party app links or click on unwanted notifications, etc. So, the business should share their information carefully on social media to avoid hacking. Because when a hacker hacks your social accounts, he/she spread malicious posts or spam messages which is destroying a business’s worth and reputation.

Types of social account hacking

Moreover, there are different types of social accounts hacking. I will discuss some of them with their prevention to protect your social accounts and personal information. Which also protect your business data and information detail.

Weak Passwords

It is the first weak point of users in social accounts and gives the free hand to attackers to attack the social accounts and control your social media detail. Misuse your account detail and private information. So, use strong passwords to protect your account. Moreover, 18 characters minimum is required to increase security.

Ransomware Attack

The ransomware attack is to gain unauthorized control of sensitive data and information. In this attack, the hacker has access to your social media detail. And then blackmailing or demanding money in exchange for your sensitive information. However, frequent backup of critical data in a safe location is the most effective way to protect the data from a ransomware attack.

Data Breach

It is as an unauthorized user gaining access to your private data. They may not have a copy of the data or control it. But they can view your account details and possibly make changes. So, to avoid and protect from this attack by avoiding clicking on unwanted links on social platforms. And accepting the request of an unknown person and friend with the unknown person.

Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks

Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks are generally not attempting to gain access. However, they are sometimes used in conjunction with brute force attacks and damage or destroy your social information, security, and privacy. And to protect from this attack, avoid opening the unsecured message, documents, and links on social media.

Furthermore, hackers hack your account by credential Stuffing Attack and Brute Force Attack due to authentication issues. Their goal is to leak sensitive data and damage or delete the private business information. So, to protect from this type of hacking, do a regular backup of your secure files in a save area and update with time.

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