Steps To A Breakthrough SEO Strategy For Endless Traffic

seo strategy in 2022

Most of you have heard the term SEO when it comes to digital marketing, online businesses. But mostly people are unaware what actual SEO is. How much it is important to know about it. How it could be your success label when you do it for ranking your business in marketplace. In today’s topic, we will cover up all those points that really a freelancer, digital marketer needs to understand to get endless traffic by using SEO strategy.

In 2022 time, competition among different marketers and entrepreneurship has increased on digital world and now its become requisite part of your business to have proper SEO strategy before functioning.


Approximately 61% of marketers believe in doing proper SEO by investing around 40% budget in the marketing. By figuring out appropriate SEO strategy to get more traffic in short span of time is a obvious need.

The importance of SEO cannot be neglected, especially during pandemic times where everything has converted into digital world from shopping to online classes, from promoting movies, dramas to brands, whole scenario has changed and revolutionized.

The need of hour is to improve and adopting best SEO strategy for boosting your business as well as traffic.

SEO Strategies:

SEO is requisite practicing of improving both technically and qualitative content for betterment of organic traffic increasing visibility on SERP’s(search engine ranking pages). Quantity also matters in this regard, writing more content with keywords targeting and adding links in them.

So lets reel off basic elements that are far important in your SEO strategy.

  1. Pick out Keywords

Keywords are commonly phrases that are used for searching on Google, Bing and other platforms. Targeting right keywords in right quantity will definitely leaderboard your business. Using them at right place in your site without stuffing or spamming boosts your page ranking.

  • Many sites are available on google for searching different keywords. So you can use them by checking insights and analytics of those keywords.
  1. Knowing properly about METADATA

Metadata is another important factor or you can say it as window display of your site which a user sees in SERP, either click it or not. It includes:

  • Meta-title
  • Meta-description

Google crawlers are scanners that scans website’s information resonates it with search queries. By including keywords in meta-data, google can quickly interpret about the relevancy of page.

  1. Backlinking

Another strong but crucial factor that has importance in SEO is developing backlinks. Adding backlinks to your site, or linking it with other also paves a way to gain traffic and improves reliability on other sites.

You can write your unique and extra-ordinary content so that other website’s builds a link with you, or you can make link connections to other’s leading to trade. This broad-gauge process is called link-building.

It speeds up process when you other activities:

  • Guest-Posting
  • Answering/Questioning on different sites like Quora
  • Making connections on different industries like LinkedIn
  1. SEO Metrics

Without knowing deeper insights and analyzing your SEO strategy and website performance, you couldn’t able to reach your desired results.

SEO metrics keeps you aware about overall performance and gives you complete inside clue of your website.

  1. Technical SEO

In the SEO field, key point in optimizing your website performance is technical SEO. It is basically process of resonating your website with modern technical tools in gaining improved rankings.

The areas covered in technical SEO are crawling, indexing and website structure.

Without doing technical SEO, your website cannot be secure, mobile optimized, free from duplicate content and increases loading speed.

So your technical SEO must be perfect to rank!

  1. Google Algorithm

Paying attention to google algorithm is another task to in touch with. Google is becoming smarter and intuitive day by day. Ranking and penalties are determined by variety of factors.

Spamming, excessive advertising, accessibility and speeding cannot be forsaken. Getting in-touch with these updates for coping up with any situation is necessity.

Google search console and SEMrush is a good startup and things now have become more easier. You can understand and check your site shortcomings by viewing analytics in google search console.

  1. Blogging Schedule

It is important to schedule your blogging, by remaining consistent on your strategy. Not to cluster your topics, your motive is to write on tangential topics as well which your audience can build connection.

  • Write your blog once in a week for audience not for search engines.
  • Consistency is the key to success by focusing on your content strategy.
  1. Compile Up Your Media Files

The small but most important step in SEO strategy is compiling and compressing your media files.

  • This step is crucial for mobile optimization.

As your website or blog expands, you will have undoubtedly large media files. This visual aspect grabs the attention of viewers but on the other side, it leads to difficulties in speed optimization.

It is noteworthy for website or blog to have good loading speed, so monitoring your media files size is indeed important.

  • Smaller file size is important for your net browser to render your website easily, on mobile phone also. Smaller size renders your website faster.

Some tools are also used in compressing your picture size without harming your picture quality.

  • Before uploading media files in gif, picture or video format, you need to compress it in smaller form.
  • TinyPNG, Google’s Squoosh etc can reduce your picture size to good extent with loosing your picture quality.
  • Keeping your files in Kilo Byte(KB) is a good thumb rule.

Create Effective SEO Strategy That Leads To Success

It is noteworthy to have effective SEO marketing strategy for gaining endless traffic. This could be done by using SEO optimized techniques. Every digital marketer wants to have highly ranked content. But it could be possibly done by adopting proper SEO strategy that will lead to growth and success.

Modernized techniques and shaping your content time to time upgrades your website performance optimal on SERP and improves your ranking.

SEO strategy is an ultimate lead to success!








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