What is target weekly ad mean

Target weekly ad

Hello friends, welcome to our article. Today, everyone is familiar with social media platforms, but some questions arise. Like, why ads are in use in social media nowadays. What is the basic purpose, goal, role, and benefit of ads in social media? If you didn’t know these things, then this article is only for you. Because in this article, I will tell you what the target weekly ad mean, their basic purpose, goal, role, and benefit in social media. Also, tell you why are important in social media. So, let’s start:-


It is the way of advertising the product, brand, and services for promotion. The ad comes in many forms such are interactive videos, posts, audios, short clips, etc. Their basic purpose is to engage the potential audience and get more customers. Their basic goal is to increase business growth by promoting the ad on social media platforms. Similarly, their benefit is getting a high audience in a short time and building a strong relationship with common people. It provides the chance for direct communication with people. So, we can say that ad plays an important role in our social media. They provide a better way of communication with people and increase the production rate.

Target weekly ad

After understanding the meaning of the ad, this is easy for you for understanding the concept of a target weekly ad. It is used for building long-term relationships with a business audience. It is defined as


Target weekly ad means targeting the audience through some advertising every week. Likewise, share some posts, and attractive videos on the different social media platforms to share your business products or services. It is mostly referring to sales or deals in a week on social media.

They are used to target the potential audience and convince the people to purchase your product and services. There are also some goals, roles, importance, and benefits. Likewise, the basic goal of this type of ad is rising the business strength and health. So, we can say that this type of ad is the same goal as the simple advertising ad goal.


Furthermore, their purpose is slightly different from the advertising ad. Their basic purpose is to provide a comfort zone to the social media handlers. It means it gives the facility to promote your business through an ad on any day of the week. While other social media handlers have too much burden to handle daily basis ads on social media with quick response.

Their biggest advantage is that it gives better results within fewer days. And provide the comfort zone for customers and social media ad handlers for communication.


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