Digital Marketing Vs Digital Advertising

marketing vs advertising

,Technology has become part of our lives. Increment of modern technology and strategies day by day has led marketers to adopt new ways of reaching their audience. Users are now becoming aware of importance in this time period.

Modern business holders, marketers and brands are now employing and opting-in new methods to boost their marketing level. Going from traditional marketing levels to modernized digital marketing and advertising are now part of every campaign. By using social media platform, reaching to potential users to gain maximum positive results is goal of every marketer.

In today’s topic we will discuss about thin line differences in digital marketing and digital advertising.

Digital Marketing:

What is digital marketing? Which elements come under digital marketing?

Digital marketing is actually doing marketing by the use of technology. It is insinuated by three major elements, strategy, implementation and practice.

It mainly implies by the use of social media, mobile apps, website. Several tactics and strategies are involved, starting from website to company’s branding with involvement of:

  • Digital advertising
  • Email marketing
  • Blog-post
  • Infographics
  • Logos
  • Whitepapers

These all things are actively involved in promoting your brand on internet.

Some basic types of digital marketing are:
  • Content marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Online advertising
  • Online PR
  • SEO
  • SMM

One thing should be kept in mind about online working is that digital advertising is a form of digital marketing. Digital advertising comes under roof of digital marketing.

Digital marketing is basically implementing strategies and marketing tricks to run your business online.

  • Define and focus on your audience
  • Set goals and objectives
  • Adopting digital channels i.e. SEO, content marketing
  • Analyzing your work via analytic tools


Digital advertising is a segment of digital marketing:

Now, it has cleared a lot that digital advertising is a part of digital marketing. If you have idea of business and want to run it on digital platform, you need marketing more than advertising. It is most of marketing to boost your business value not advertising.

Your product, pricing, packaging, targeting audience, are essentials in marketing your business.

Digital marketing a process, while digital marketing an activity:

Marketing is a continuous process that starts from the day when you think about idea of your business. It is ongoing procedure, begins by doing research, refining your ideas and then develop into another market strategy.

Collaboration with other parties or bigger business or brands that increase your brand exposure and sales comes under digital marketing. It is done smartly without doing ads or campaigns.

Tactical and Strategic point of view b/w digital marketing and digital advertising:

Strategy is practicing strict, decisive and challenging activities, while tactics is basically obtaining your desired goals by putting your efforts into it.

So digital advertising is tactical in nature, by promoting your product/offer to target audience. It is easily replicated when we need it and has short span of time.


For example, if you want to promote your special product or offer on some special occasion, you will promote it on any social media platform. The ads will continue until your desires sales, Once your target is achieved, promotion will stop.

But digital marketing is strategic in it’s nature. It involves:

  • Planning and defining your objectives
  • Setting goals
  • Set your market budget
  • Metrics
  • Aim to achieve your goals

This strategic plan has longer potential and cannot easily be replicated.

Important key point is that if advertising campaign fails its results are not severe, but in case of digital marketing campaign if it fails, results are severe.

Brand awareness vs developing your brand:

In terms of digital advertising, it is promotion that boosts your sales and brand awareness among audience. It is more related in gaining traffic. Advertising is basically a promotion of idea, product, service or brand.

On the other side, digital marketing is basically developing your brand image and how your audience perceives your brand. Brand itself is responsible for its image.

Make your brand unforgettable! This all happens by your strong strategic tactics and it takes months and years. Bring something new and giving new message through your brand again and again so that audience stay in touch with your business.

Marketing tactics are important in achieving long term success, whilst advertising is short term due to slight push in your sales.

Sales vs audience interests:

In digital marketing, your focus should not restricted to sales, but also on your audience demanding for particular product or develop a relation with them. This all happens by proper understanding your target audience via buyer persona. On other side, advertising is just reaching your audience for specific goals mostly in the form of ads.

Why digital marketing is important?

Small business or startups can initiate their business by investing minimum budget for promoting their product. It increases your conversions and revenue, which are important goals. Basic purpose of marketing cherishes brand awareness and generates higher ROI.

Marketing and Advertising are linked:

The data running for advertising campaign obtain from marketing strategies includes campaign, buyer persona, conversion funnel, leads etc.

Digital marketing can exist without digital advertising by doing SEO and content marketing to reach your target audience.

Valuable aspects of marketing and advertising:

Many businesses, marketing owners and brands adopt multifaceted strategies in their marketing plans. It is mostly appealing for brands and businesses to reach their customers globally. But the fact is that you need to understand at which stage your brand requires advertising.

In initial stages of your startup business or enterprises, you should focus on marketing key tools and plans to reach your target audience and sales. During onset stages of brand advertising, it could result in catastrophic condition.

End Note:

Digital marketing and advertising are clearly two different but related to each other.

The important aspect is that how you plan and execute your marketing strategy that fits in your business. Your website, brand and business is quintessential online marketing gadget. Organizations are smartly using both these effective techniques that will lead to prosperous sales, audience and leads.



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