Content Creation: A Step-by-Step Guide

content creation

Content creation is a key tool in beginning your content marketing. Making good content seems sometimes difficult, because a lot of efforts are required to put-in to get maximum beneficial results.

It has observed that lack of acknowledgement of good content creation by marketers and business owners. But this unawareness will lead into lower marketing engagements, less chances of going-ahead to their competitors.

To overcome this problem, content creation should be taken seriously by following important points. Because content is a lifeline of your online working, whether you are doing business, marketing and making your own brand.

In today’s topic, we will cover up all those parameters which are required in creating enticing content.

Virtual Steps in Content Creation

Defining your goal, plan, research:

The first step in any content making is to define and set your goals. You need to work on idea to initiate your business. Your idea is your worth!

Your must know about idea and goal which will be appealing for your user. By following appropriate content strategy will put your efforts in right direction for getting maximum valuable results.

  • Your goal must be defining, target your audience.
  • Creating your persona
  • Using keywords
  • Identification of trends
  • Trending topics
  • Pick out competitors and popular posts
  • Selecting 3-4 top-notch articles in each category
  • Aligning your content strategy
  • Considering relevant influencers and bloggers who are interested in your work

Constructing your Framework

This step will help you to create content aligning with your audience interests. Developing practical bodywork will easy lineup your timeline of contents in near future.

  • Title should be compelling and appealing to your users
  • Develop outline including sub-headings
  • Conclusion is important part of summarizing your idea as it connects it to your audience
  • Set a blog writer for your blogs
  • Choosing keywords for your blog
  • Write attractive introduction and keep it brief!
  • Listing of key points, quotations to give direction to your writer or yourself
  • Making a reference points
  • Call to action (CTA) is important after readers finished your blog. Add a comment/links

Write Up your content

The most challenging part is writing your content by following content strategy. If you are used to write up, the its OKAY! otherwise hiring a professional content writer is a good option. While writing your content, you keep some points in mind by maintaining the pace!

  • After working on your ideas, keywords, bring your creative vision into life.
  • Use trustworthy source that will provide strong reference and supports your main idea
  • Citing your source by adding statistics, quotes that are outside of general knowledge
  • If you want to follow certain trends, be unique in creating your spin
  • If you have not made any visual content by your own, grant permission from other sources
  • Add up bullets, points that will make your content attractive. Keep your sentences short and brief
  • Use identified keywords. Avoid grammatical mistakes and errors as these things lowers your log post ranking down. After write up, at least go through once your post.
  • Scanning the whole post for any mistakes
  • Possibly add CTA if required

Helpful tool additional helpful point for those who are searching for an app or site making their visual content. You can use CANVA, as it is leading site for making any graphics, posts or videos. You can use its various features without using others content in your post.

Scheduling and Planning your content

In content creating strategy, the crucial point is to scheduling your content. Without doing this, your content remains vicious. Preparing your content without planning is just like cooking a meal without sharing to anyone. Do plan and promote your content.

  • Copy and paste your content on CMS
  • Your permalink must be brief and add external and internal links
  • Add styling to your words like Bold, italicized it
  • Use a high-quality picture with proper licensing
  • Use primary keywords in your picture or in title
  • Complete SEO steps. Add featured image with primary keywords
  • Schedule your publishing content
  • Interact with other sources and websites for targeting readership
  • Consider your post for guest posting

Set-Up your content creators team

You can create a hub of team working professionals. Based on your content type, you can hire different writers and content producers. This may be

  • Content writers
  • Graphic designers
  • Photographers
  • Editors
  • Voice-overs
  • Virtual Assistant
  • Social media mangers

Also make sure other team members who will handle

  • SEO expertise
  • Project and marketing managers
  • Creative writers

Start publishing and promoting your content

After going through lot of struggling process, your content now is ready-to publish. After formatting, hyperlinking and completing all pre-publishing steps, schedule it to post. You must encounter the importance of publishing your content on other social media platforms.

While promoting your content, it must be considerate about geographic location, proper tagging and right use of images. You content should be easily accessible to target audience.

Social media accounts which are linked to external source must be accessible to footer widgets.

Distributing content in an effective way

Social media has made it ease for marketers to come in interaction with audience through their content. Your content must be visible and approachable to your target audience.

There are lot of ways of distributing your content like making accounts on social media, email marketing and ads.

These channels help your content or site more visible, as it increases shareability by keeping your audience intact with your content. You can promote your eye-catching posts by various ads and campaigns.

So here marketing tactics will play a pivotal role in getting more engagements, boosting your profile and content.


It is not difficult make your content SEO optimized, yet it needs a systematic and strategic approach. Time to time changing and adaptability to various procedures will make your creative appealing content. In the end we are summarizing whole content creating guidance in to easy and readable steps:

  • Build your idea and goals
  • Set-up your content creator team
  • Analyzing target readership and audience
  • Create effective content plan
  • Targeting keywords and brainstorming you ideas into well-made content
  • Publish, promote and distribute your content via marketing strategies

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