Social Media in 2022

Social Media

Today is the modern world and most of the people know about the social media platforms. But, do you know why these platforms are called social platforms. In this article, I will tell you what social platforms are and which sites are called social platforms. I hope, this article is information able for you. And you will better understand the social platform’s roles and goals. Let’s start

Social media

In simple words, it is the way of internet communication or online communication. Social platforms allow us to interact with others and give us a chance for global communication. They allow us to share information, ideas, and thoughts through social platforms. Also, we create web content through social platforms.

Reason for social media creation

In the early stage, there is no communication facility. And communication is possible in just 2 ways that are face to face communication and letter. At that time, face-to-face communication is a better option than a letter. The reason is that there are too many hurdles in letter communication. You want to write the letter, send your letter through post office than wait for letter reaching. Because at that time, the letter is reached at target house within 10 to 15 days. On the other hand, the same procedure is repeated for the replied letter. To reduce and remove these problems, social media platforms are creating.


The basic purpose of social platforms is to create global communication and reduce distance. Make the whole world on hand. We can communicate with each other without any place and time restrictions. There is no country boundaries matter on online social platforms. We can easily get the information at any point at any time through social platforms.

Social Media not only gives the facility of global communication, but also saves our time and cost. From an early age, people communicate with each other through traditional. Also, they take more time, and cost and also follow many rules and restrictions. On the other hand, social platforms remove and reduce all these problems.

Comforts of Social Media

Social media provide us with too many comforts in our life. They give us home facilities, which means that we create social connections in bed comfort. Similarly, social platforms play an important role in online businesses or brands, or companies. Because, people like, love, and believe in social network posts and news. Also, people communicate with each other and share their skills and expertise.

Some social media platforms give the facility of online gaming with your friend. Also, some social platforms give the facility of audio and video calls, voice, and text messages for their means. Furthermore, some platforms give emoji’s and strikers for fun purposes.

In simple words, today’s life is incomplete without a social life, the reason is that we are dependent on these platforms. In the modern world, everyone is busy in their life. Nobody has time to face communication. And invest their money in letters and posts, sending and waiting for the next person to reply. So, we can say that social platforms remove the waiting time and reduce the communication cost. We can globally communicate through some social MBS at any time and any point.

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