Social Media Manager

Social Media Manager

Hello friends, Welcome to our article. Do you know what is a social media manager, and what is their role? If not, then this article is special for you. I hope that this article is interesting and information able for you. Because I will tell you about the social media manager role, work, and its importance. Also, tell you which expertise you’re required if you want to get this job in the future.

Social media manager

In simple words, A trustable person which is monitoring the social media of a company is called social media manager. Based on the role, he/she is also referred to as Community Manager. In addition, he/she called the voice of the company.

The main role of the manager is to monitor the social media for a company or a brand. In addition, the goal of the manager is to promote the business and engage the audience and clients. Social Manager is responsible for the rise and promotes business. Increasing followers, producing good content, reviewing analytics, and communicating with other companies is also the responsibility of a social manager.

Social media manager tasks

I discuss some important tasks of a social manager below that every manager do for his company

  • Create good content for multiple social media platforms
  • Monitor social analytics
  • create a good campaign
  • Schedule social posts
  • Engage audience
  • Plan the content
  • Create strong social posts

Similarly, for doing these tasks and completing his/her responsibilities, a social manager requires some skills. Therefore, a good job as a manager wants to experience in good SEO, research, and content writing. Also, if a social manager works for a company, then he/she typically earns a salary. And, if he/she is self-employ, then charge as hourly, monthly, or per-project rate. Social media managers’ scope and salary are too high in Pakistan.


So, if you want to get the social media manager job in Pakistan then, I suggest that you have some knowledge and expertise in these skills:-

  • Writing
  • Communication
  • Creativity
  • Data Analysis
  • Research
  • Customer services

If you get good expertise in these skills, then you have the opportunity to get the online and offline job of a social media manager. And earn more money in the future. You have a chance to work for a company online and offline and polish your skills.

In Pakistan, social media manager for a company must require a bachelor’s degree. But for an online job, there is no degree value.  In online jobs, the valuable thing is only skills and expertise. For skill polishing, an online job is a better option than an office job.


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