What Is Content Marketing In Digital Marketing?

what is content marketing in digital marketing?

Let’s jump into content marketing first!

What actual is content marketing?

Main idea and definition:

Content marketing is basically a marketing approach towards audience by sharing your content in any form like videos, podcasts, blogging and other relevant channel.

It mainly focuses on creation and distribution of authentic, valuable and reliable content to attract and retain a well-define audience. This marketing strategy not only increases your exposure but also drives more profitable customer enterprises.

This technique enhances your brand value and awareness, keeps your business on the mind of user’s to come and buy your product first when it is time to sell.

Content marketing:

Traditional marketing is becoming less and less effective now a days compared to content marketing. The importance of content creation and marketing cannot be denied as facts and figures do really support it.

Importance of content marketing:

Content marketing is go-to stratagem that really proven to work. Continuous interaction with audience by updating your content keeps you on top-trending lists.

This established relationship is a need of hour for your business and brand. According to some surveys, it has proven with effective results:

  • Brands/ business with blogging get 65-67% more leads than other companies/brands.
  • 45-47% buyers usually see the content before making any decision of buying some product.
  • Those business or brands observes 30 higher growing rates who use the content marketing strategy as compared to those who do not use it.
  • 70-72% business to business (B2B) marketers says that marketing strategy has greater influence on engaged audience and LEADS.

How content marketing works? How much is it effective?

Every business, enterprise, brand and entrepreneur has main aim in getting more engagements, traffic and Leads.

This can be made effective only by use of content marketing strategy that will lead your brand to right direction. This direction will authorize your exposure, provide your services to customer at right time.

Here we are going to discuss a marketing cycle that needs to be understand and is using by most marketers in todays time:

Awareness Phase:

In initial stage of content marketing, your marketing management should revolves around main concerns and issues of your audience. By addressing their problems, pains and solution-providing ability will definitely make a strong bond with your user’s.

In awareness phase, your content must be advisable, authentic and educational.

Valuable and best content at this phase would be: blogs, e-books, newsletter, videos, articles.

Consideration Phase:

After coming out from awareness zone, the next step is to considerate your marketing plan and beneficial information.

It is phase of hybridizing your content marketing strategy along with informative aspect. Basically, it is a twisting point of your content towards your business.

This step will help aware your readers about their main concerns and addresses the feature of what they really needs.

Good content for this stage: checklists, worksheets, case-studies, how-to articles/blogs, how-to videos.

Closing Phase:

Content marketing plays pivotal role in giving your sales. In this phase, you can maintain focus on your sales. You have driven attention after funneling through awareness and consideration stages.

The ultimate goal is to drive your users attention why your best choice for them instead of marketing your products or services compared to other competitors.

Best content for this phase: case-studies, product videos, research report, user-generated content.

Why there is need of content marketing?

Content marketing is actually a plan that connects your brand or business to your audience by keeping them engaged with your company. By using this technique, you can develop your relationship with your user’s for longer period of time.

This attention will redirect your consumer attention to more and more pieces of content, further organizes your setup by letting you know more about your audience.

Content marketing does not happen overnight, it takes a trial of campaigns and errors. In the end of campaign, you have more knowledge of your audience needs and values. You can use analytic tools to measure the user’s interests to your certain product or service. That’s why you essentially need a strategic plan for execution that will measure your content and brand success.

  • Content marketing is important-because it is used by leading brands

Most prominent world organizations and companies are using marketing strategies for their business and LEADS at massive scale. This marketing tool is also being used by small entrepreneurs and marketers at portable scale.

  • Content plan- a decisive for you and your customers

It leads to more profitable results in form of increased sales, cost saver, loyal customers.

  • Marketing- present and future need

Intriguing marketing content is a need of hour, because now a days we receive some much information from different companies and brand which is sometimes irrelevant and spam. So in this rat race we have to bring content that must be different, authentic and unique from others.

SEO and Social Media- main tools for content marketing


Content marketing prospects a good way to find your business. So, it lands on major goal of SEO (search engine optimization). Proliferation of information on SEO, begin it by doing some key practices.

  • Identification of keywords:

Keywords are the foundation of your struggles and efforts on SEO. The important phrases and words direct you to search engine when you are looking for a product, service.

These keywords help in driving more organic traffic. So, targeting right keywords is essential in gaining exposure.

It may be plain, relevant and specific keywords, depending on the type of audience you want to attract by the use of these keywords.

  • Dispatch it on your Promise:

Your search success depends on type of content you select and how it will connect and says it all. SEO, search engines review content copy, assess relevancy and make sure its headline promises.

Because of its importance, keywords must be used throughout your content.

  • Avoid keyword stuffing. Use relevant keywords in your title. You must acknowledge the natural incorporation of keywords in your content.
  • Stick to the main topic. Your good content must have advisory aspect that will function best according to headline.

Social media:

Once you have content, you must publicize it on different platforms of social media like Facebook, twitter, Instagram, You tube and other social sites.

It is easy way of promoting your content on different sites for getting engagements and organic traffic. This promotion need your efforts and struggles including test and trials. By using these platforms in an effective way is a roadmap to channelize your content.








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